Samsung Fire is preparing for a ‘last place comeback’.

Samsung Fire’s preseason for the 2023-2024 V-League season is filled with expectations and hopes.

The team finished last in the last season, tarnishing the pride of the franchise, but there are hopes that this season will be different.

The preseason results are clear. Samsung Fire made waves in August when they finished as runners-up in a cup tournament in Gumi, Japan.

It proved that head coach Kim Sang-woo’s decision to rebuild with younger players over the course of a season was the right one.

Samsung Fire also performed well in the preseason men’s professional volleyball tournament in 토토사이트 Danyang this month, going 3-1.

The tournament was designed to test various players, and the team came away with meaningful results.

The results were significant as the center Kim Jun-woo was called up to the national team.

Several volleyball insiders we spoke to said that Samsung Fire will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

Compared to last season, the team is expected to have a better overall composition, combination, and performance.

In Danyang, Samsung Fire focused on experimenting with different combinations.

Coach Kim leaned toward using Yosubani and Kim Jung-ho as outside hitters and Asia Quarter Eddie as an outside spiker.

However, he’s not sure how well Eddie will work in practice, so he’s considering other options.

We’ve also experimented with using Eddie as a middle blocker and Park Seong-jin, who has been very successful in the Gumi, as our main attacker. Eddie’s 6-foot-2 frame allows him to play in the center.

Eddie’s presence in the middle makes the serve more powerful.

I don’t have any concerns about the Yosubani and Kim combination. Both players have good fundamentals on offense and are very consistent.

Add to that the fact that Eddie and Park Sung-jin can be used in various combinations to maximize the offense.

Just like the last cup tournament, Kim asked the team to be serious in Danyang.

Although it was more of a practice match, he emphasized the importance of playing as carefully as possible to win.

In fact, he even called game time with one point left in the game to keep the players focused.

“We’re a team with no backup, and we need to give 100% in games like this,” Kim said.

We need to make winning practice games a habit so we can do better in the real season. We want to do better than last season,” said Kim.

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