South Korea’s IfyouMine GameFitty dominates the first match of Day 3 of the PGS 2 Group Stage.

PUBG Global Series (PGS) 2, the global esports competition for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), held its third day of group stage matches (A/C) on November 11.

The first match of the third day of the group stage was held on the Miramar map.

No teams were eliminated in the first magnetic field. The real elimination came in the second magnetic field, with DANAWA Esports being the first to be eliminated.

They were followed by Tiraton Five, 17 Gaming, and eArena. By the fifth magnetic field, half of the teams had left the battlefield.

The top four of the match were eliminated by the seventh magnetic field. They were Four Angry Men, FaZe Clan, IfuMine GameFit, and Friendly Fire.

Of the four, Korean team I.F.U.M.A.N.G.P.T. won the chicken, much to the delight of their Korean fans.

They earned 10 chicken points and 7 kill points for a total of 17 points, increasing their chances of advancing to the winners’ bracket.

Meanwhile, the PUBG Global Series Season 2 (PGS 2), featuring 24 professional teams competing for the title of champion on the global esports stage, will take place entirely offline in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It will be held alongside Gamers8, the world’s largest global esports event.

PGS 2 will feature a total prize pool of $2.29 토토 million (approximately $313 million), with the first-place team taking home $600,000 (approximately $790,000).

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