Fearless Lee Jung-hyo’s Gwangju FC ‘3rd place is not enough!’

Suwon 4-0 complete…

6 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss since June in Jeonbuk and Seoul …

Offensive football that did not collapse even in the middle of summer


Professional football K League 1 Gwangju FC, which has played fearless attacking football, has risen to third place.

Gwangju is a ‘promoted team’ that won K-League 2 (second division) last season and rose to K-League 1.

At the beginning of this season, when the team made a sensation with 3 wins and 2 losses,

the prevailing view was that the rise of the citizen team Gwangju would not last long. 카지노사이트킹

It is often seen in the K-League that clubs that are classified as underdogs show good performance in the first half of the year,

but then lose their power in the hot summer and fall in the rankings.

But this season’s Gwangju is different.

It looks stronger in the summer.


In the 13 matches played since June, Gwangju recorded a good record of 6 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss.

In particular, after losing the game against leader Ulsan Hyundai on July 2, they have been on an undefeated streak with 3 wins and 5 draws.

On the 27th, they defeated 11th placed Suwon Samsung 4-0 at home.

Lee Hee-kyun’s consecutive goals in the 17th minute and Asani’s in the 37th minute, followed by Um Ji-seong’s multi-goals in the 1st and 6th minutes of the second half, ‘goal firecrackers’ were embroidered.

Gwangju, which has steadily accumulated points, took 3rd place (42 points), the highest ranking this season.

Jeonbuk Hyundai

It is a higher ranking than Jeonbuk Hyundai (4th), the league’s most winning team,

FC Seoul (5th), the capital club that performed well in the first half.

If the current ranking is maintained well, Gwangju may go to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) for the first time ever.

Gwangju coach Lee Jeong-hyo’s aggressive football has been in full bloom in midsummer.

Even after being promoted, Gwangju maintained the basic framework of attacking football in the K-League 2.

There were also concerns about playing reckless football in front lines without a single star player, but coach Lee is dispelling this with ‘grades’.

With an organic pass starting from the rear, quick penetration, a concise finish, it overturned several strong teams.

Pohang Steelers

Pohang Steelers (Round 16, 4-2) and Jeonbuk (Round 19, 2-0), currently in second place, were caught in Gwangju.

There are no large attackers, but ‘riflers’ take turns shooting and leading Gwangju to victory.

The player with the most goals in Gwangju is Asana with 7 goals.

Other than that, no player has scored more than 5 goals.

Umji-seong (4 goals), Lee Kun-hee, Timo (more than 3 goals), Lee Hee-kyun, Thomas, Heo Yul, Jeong Ho-yeon, Ahn Young-gyu, Doo Hyun-seok, Kim Han-gil (more than 2 goals) shared the burden of scoring.

Even when winning by a large margin, Gwangju never locks the goal.

Coach Lee at the home stadium gets angry when a player makes a mistake or turns the ball backwards, even in a game he has already won.

More and more Gwangju citizens are fascinated by the hot football played by coach Lee and his disciples.

In an interview with a broadcaster after the match, Gwangju’s ‘captain’ Ahn Young-gyu shouted, “I still have a lot to show you.”

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