The son of National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar LeBron James (39-LA Lakers) is in stable condition after going into cardiac arrest during practice.

According to ESPN, James’ son, Brownie, went into cardiac arrest during practice the previous day.

He was rushed to the hospital by medical staff and is reportedly in stable condition.

Born in 2004, Brownie currently plays basketball at the University of Southern California (USC) in California, USA, and reportedly suffered a sudden cardiac event during practice that day.

“We are grateful to the school’s medical staff and staff for their efforts to keep him safe,” James’ family said in a statement.

Brown committed to USC in May of this year. At 5-foot-9, he’s shorter than his 6-foot-3 father, so he’ll play guard.

He will be eligible for “early entry” into the 2024 NBA Draft after completing one season.

Locally, it is believed that Brown will be drafted in the 2024 NBA Draft. Some believe he could be selected as early as the top 10.

In that case, we could see James sharing the NBA stage with his son.

James, who was born in 1984, has been playing in the NBA for 20 years, having made his debut in 2003.

His son, Brownie, would be eligible to play in the 2024-25 season if he is selected in the 2024 draft. In 2024, 토토사이트 James will be 40 years old and his son, Brownie, will be 20.

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