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Lee Kang-in, 22, has fit in perfectly at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

On the 26th, SBS Sports posted a video on the ‘Paris Saint-Germain‘ channel titled, ‘Wallace-type discipline, Shu Lee Kang-in? You’ve taken control of the bench atmosphere’.

On the 25th, the rookie appeared in the first match of PSG’s 2023 Asia Tour at Nagai Stadium in Osaka, Japan, and was not intimidated by the world-class players.

He sat on the bench before the game and joked around with Navas, Bernat, and other players. Neymar, who appeared late in the game, walked past the empty seats on the bench and headed towards him, and suddenly spoke to him.

Neymar, who was about to go back to his seat, turned around and jokingly extended his hand to Lee, who was the center of attention from the media. Lee raised his hand with an angry expression and turned his head to reject the handshake. The players on the sidelines laughed together as if it was funny, and Lee also giggled while looking at Neymar’s back.

Users commented, “Lee Kang-in looks happy,” “Neymar looks like he has a really good personality,” and “Lee Kang-in is cute, so I’m laughing too. He’s a character I want to make fun of,” “Adaptability is crazy,” “It’s so funny that Neymar is also laughing,” and so on.

Meanwhile, PSG will play Cerezo Osaka (Japan) on Aug. 28 and Inter Milan (Italy) on Aug. 1 in Japan before traveling to South Korea on Aug. 2 스포츠토토 to play their final match of the Asian Tour against Jeonbuk Hyundai at the Busan Asiad Stadium the following day.

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