Next year, professional baseball to introduce ‘penalty shootout’…draws will be eliminated

The Korean Baseball Organization, or KBO, has decided to overhaul the game in an effort to revitalize the sport. The KBO has decided to introduce a new system, such as the penalty shootout, which is practiced in Major League Baseball and international tournaments, and to reinstate a full-time manager for the national team.Park Soo-joo is a reporter. On May 14, Hanwha and SSG played the final game of a three-game weekend series. The two teams, who had exchanged one win and one loss, battled through 12 extra innings, but were unable to decide the outcome. “It was an intense game, a bloodbath that lasted nearly five hours.” The length of the match, 4 hours and 58 minutes. It was the longest game of the season. But next year, we won’t see anything like itThat’s because they’ve decided to go to extra innings. If a game isn’t won by the ninth inning, it will be played in the 10th inning with runners on first, second, or third base until the game is won or lost. Not only is it practiced in Major League Baseball in the United States, but also in international competitions such as the World Baseball Classic (WBC), the Olympics, and the Asian Games, and in Korea, the second-tier Futures League adopted it last year. The pitch clock, which limits a pitcher’s pitching time, will also be piloted next year. Introduced in the Major League토토사이트Baseball this year, the pitch clock is credited with significantly shortening game time. In order to strengthen the national team after the disastrous performance at the last WBC, we will also reinstate the full-time manager program until the 2026 WBC First introduced in 2017, the full-time national coach system was in place until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, when it was replaced by a part-time system.The KBO has also announced plans to change the way it convenes its national team, which used to be held only just before tournaments, and to continue to hold evaluation games and exchanges with overseas teams.Immediately, for the first time in history, an exhibition game will be organized against the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, two teams that will play their Major League Baseball openers in Seoul next March.

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